Sadhana Bhumi Himalaya For Life Research (SBHFLR) has been contributing health, well-being, spiritual practice (Sadhana) for over decade in different places. Finally we settled down in beautiful Nepalese countryside. The centre is located just 10km from Kathmandu City. Our centre is completely surrounded by natural beauty.   The view of the Himalaya and Kathmandu valley are breath taking. Drinking fresh mountain air instantly purifies one's body and mind, and the tranquility of its setting creates peace in one's heart. 

Our aim is to rediscover one's total happiness and health through practicing a holistic yoga system and naturopathy. We are here for people who want physical, mental and spiritual growth.  We have various daily programme which set up carefully to suit for everyone so that all can feel harmony with oneself, with others and with nature.

SBHFLR accomodates the value of Ashram. It is an Ashram for Yoga, Dhayana, peace and serenity, at the same time it is an academic centre for those who spent few months at SBHFLR.

We live, practice and teach authentic yogic tradition. Our system of teaching yoga does not merely take discomfort from the body but goes beyond that.     Whilst spending time at SBHFLR you can train, harmonize and rediscover your physical mental and spiritual nature.  Whatever you experience and learn here can help you maintain your well-being when facing the stresses of your life back home.

Everybody is welcomed here.  There is no discrimination of age, sex, culture, religion or background. You are treated equally here.   While you stay with us you become a member of the SBHFLR family, we work, support, encourage and empower each other with love and compassion.