The SBHFLR yoga retreat centre is located 45 minutes to 1 hour from the Tribhuvan airport and 30 to 45  minutes from the Kathmandu city centre.

The taxi is the best way to come to SBHFLR. We are situated top of the hill. The road is steep slope and it is not paved at the last 200 meters. The ordinally taxi drivers might either refuse to come up to the entrance or ask more money higher than your negotiated price at the end. The other problem had occurred before was that a driver couldn't find SBHFLR. He reached finally but he charged double price to the visitor. For those reason we decided to order the taxi thorough a reliable travel agency to avoid any hustle for visitors. It's your choice how you want to reach us. If you have any difficulties to find us please contact these numbers: 9813314158 or 9818959191. Please give us at least two days advance notice if you need the taxi arranged by us.

Local Map

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